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Recent Graduate & Undergraduate Studies


(Doctoral Dissertation)
 Seismic performance evaluation for supporting frame structures of industrial facilities considering member fracture under severe earthquakes
 Assessment of seismic protection effectiveness of unbonded scrap tire rubber pad base isolation using finite element analysis

(Master's Theses)
 Study on behavior of landslide-induced tsunamis using three-dimensional fluid-rigid body coupled analysis
 Methodology for establishing dynamic design assessment models of high-damping rubber bearings

(Graduation Theses)
 Fundamental study on numerical analysis supporting search and recovery missions for missing people after tsunami
 Prediction of tsunami inundation behavior in Tanabe City considering river run-up


(Doctoral Dissertation)
 Dynamic characterization of aseismic bearings for girder bridges: bi-directional seismic performance assessment and design parameter exploration

(Master's Theses)
 Investigation of nonlinear restoring force model of rubber-filled foundation of overhead power line poles for railway

(Graduation Theses)
 Conditions for wash-off of articulated concrete blocks for bridge pier scour protection considering three-dimensionality of river flow regime
 Prediction of chemical diffusion in Yodogawa River during mega-scale tsunami using 2DH-3D hybrid analysis


(Doctoral DIssertation)
 Seismic performance assessment of structures based on bidirectional input ground motions

(Master's Theses)
 Three-dimensional numerical analysis on the behavior of marine vessels during evacuation considering free-surface water elevation movements due to tsunami
 Evaluation of two-dimensional amplitude-phase characteristics of earthquake ground motion records

(Graduation Theses)
 Influence of restoring force characteristics of high damping elastomeric bearings on the seismic response assessment of isolated bridges
 Applicability investigation of three-dimensional numerical method using VOF scheme to landslide-induced tsunamis
 Analysis of thermal behavior of bridges with the conbined system of seismic isolation, control and sliding support


(Doctoral Dissertation)
 Nonlinear dynamics characterization of bidirectional seismic response of steel bridge piers
 Modal filtering for active control of floor vibration under impact loading

(Master's Theses)
 Three-dimensional numerical analysis on the influence of tsunami with drifting objects on seawalls
 Fragility analysis on the effect of displacement restrainer cable installation focusing on degradation and variation of elastomeric bearing performance due to aging deterioration

(Graduation Theses)
 Modeling of restoring force characteristics of silicone rubber-filled foundation of overhead power line poles for railways


(Doctoral Dissertation)
 Dead weight compensation mechanism for improved anti-catastrophe performance of bridges: concept and implementation to real structures
 Study on the numerical analysis of river-runup of salt water induced by tsunamis

(Master's Theses)
 Numerical investigation on evaluation of wave forces due to river-runup tsunamis acting on water pipe bridges
 Bidirectional UPSS bearing: modelling of coupled effect and seismic response evaluation

(Graduation Theses)
 Analysis of inter-component phase characteristics of bi-directional input seismic ground motions based on strong earthquake observation records
 Numerical analysis of flow-induced forces on bodies with arbitrary geometrical shapes


(Doctoral Dissertation)
 Two-way coupled multiscale tsunami modelling from generation to coastal zone hydrodynamics
 Performance assessment of elastomeric isolation bearings suffered from aging deterioration due to long-time service for highway bridges

(Master's Theses)
 Characterization of seismic response of bridges with asymmtric geometry accounting for polarity of bidirectional seismic input
 Application of 2DH-3D hybrid model to analysis of salt water behavior due to tsunami run-up in the vicinity of Yodo River weir

(Graduation Theses)
 Seismic response assessment of bridges with cables as energy dissipation devices
 Numerical analysis of tsunami wave-force acting on seewalls including the effect of barriers


(Master's Theses)
 Investigation of nonlinear transient response characteristics of structural systems with UPSS based on energy balance analysis
 Lifetime assessment of elastomeric bearings with lead plugs focusing on low-cycle fatigue and creep
 Prediction method of 3D tsunami inundation to populated areas along shorelines considering building geometry
 Development of 3D motion analysis of drifting objects and application to actual bathymetric/topographic feature

(Graduation Theses)
 Numerical analysis of hydrodynamic force acting on river-crossing structures
 High-resolution numerical analysis of tsunami wave-force acting on Yodogawa Weir


(Master's Theses)
 Analysis of inundation process in underground space considering three-dimensional flow at stairway part
 Tsunami inundation prediction using 2D-3D hybrid analysis in densely-built urban areas
 Assessment of effect of tsunami runup along Yodogawa river induced by Nankai trough megathrust earthquake on tap water intake
 Analysis of tsunami behavior along the coast of Tanabe bay using 2D-3D hybrid analysis

(Graduation Thesis)
 Numerical analysis on tsunami attenuation effects due to marine inverse dam